Health + Wellness

Medical Programs


Consultation + Diagnostic Fee 

Health + Wellness Consultation - $150.00

Medical Weight Loss

Monthly Program Renewal- $125.00

Hormone Pellets

Initial Lab Order - $200.00

Lab Extension Order - $100.00
Female Pelleting Insertion - $400.00
Male Pelleting Insertion - $600.00

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Work to lose stubborn weight and maintain it with our Medical Weight Loss Program. Our Nurse Practitioner will guide you through medical options that will help lead you toward success. Enrollment in this program is on a month-to-month basis, with access to vitamin therapy injections and supplements to help curb appetite. Our consultation includes a diagnostic test to determine if you are a good candidate for prescriptions that will further help goal management. 

Optimize your health! Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is a well-studied program that allows adults to restore their health and livelihood. Hormone Pellets metabolize with your body's own needs. Typically, this therapy can have results lasting anywhere from four to six months. This program requires a consult, lab draw order, and post-treatment labs to help track your progress. Because this is a cash-pay system, we do not access any insurance programs. EvexiPEL helps safely restore your hormone levels to therapeutic levels. This may help reduce some of the poor symptoms you may be experiencing right now. Must be at least 25 years of age to participate.

Vitamin Therapy

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Vitamin Injections

B12 - $15.00
Lipo-B - $25.00
Lipo-Mino - $25.00

Glutathione - $35.00

Tri-Immune - $35.00

IV Therapy

IV Saline Drip - $50.00
Immunity Cocktail - $100.00

Myers' Cocktail - $100.00

Inner Beauty Cocktail - $100.00

Glutathione Add-On - $50.00

Vitamin B12 is an essential water-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in many functions in the body, including DNA synthesis, energy production, nerve cell health, red blood cell formation, and neurological function. ​We have options to upgrade your B12 vitamin therapy, with supplements that help the liver process fats as well as a stronger energy boost. Lipo-Mino Mix starts with a special lipotropics fat burning combination of methionine, inositol, choline, carnitine and B12. Each of these ingredients helps the body turn fat into energy and are also powerful antioxidants. In addition to the Lipotropics blend, Lipo-Mino also contains a mixture of B vitamins which further help to facilitate fat loss and increase energy. The formula is then completed by adding ingredients to reduce appetite, build muscle and promote a healthy immune system.

Supplement your body’s supply of Glutathione and help cleanse your vital organs while preventing the aging effects of free radicals. Boasting a 100% absorption rate, Glutathione injections are far superior compared to traditional oral supplements. Give your body the wellness lift it needs and enjoy our non-surgical approach to cosmetic rejuvenation. This is injection is great for mental clarity, brighter skin, and a great detox. Tri-Immune takes the benefits of Zinc, Vitamin C, and Glutathione, allowing patients to feel their best. This specific blend of vitamins and supplements have been used to help boost immunity among viral infections and bacteria spread. 

IV vitamin therapy was pioneered by Dr. John Myers. He formulated what’s referred to as the Myers’ Cocktail: a blend of water-soluble vitamins and minerals administered by an intravenous drip. This delivery mechanism, superior to any other form of nutrient delivery, enabled doctors to treat vitamin, mineral, and amino acid deficiencies, such as a deficiency in vitamin B12. But it’s not just deficiencies of nutrients that IV vitamin therapy is good for; it’s also one of the foremost ways to rehydrate the body (and it’s the best hangover treatment around)!

Designed to help your immune system, prevent illnesses and make you feel better faster after getting sick, this IV kit includes six treatments of premium-quality compounds that can help improve immunity and promote optimal wellness. This injection is great for protecting against infections, improves healing time, builds up your immune system, and reduces duration of illness. This has become a popular vitamin treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.